Toolpack v2.4:Create an M2PA SAP

To create a new M2PA service access point:

1. Select "M2PA" from the navigation panel:

Web Portal v2.4 Navigation Panel M2PA.png

2. Click "Create new M2pa Sap" in the information panel:

Web Portal v2.4 Create M2PA SAP.png

3. Configure the new M2PA SAP:

  • Enter a name for the SAP
  • Enter an SCTP source port for the SAP
  • Configure advanced options, if needed
  • Click "Create" to finalize the new M2PA SAP

Web Portal v2.4 Creating M2PA SAP.png

4. Verify that the "M2pa Sap was successfully created" message appears:

Web Portal v2.4 M2PA SAP Created.png

5. Edit IP interfaces:

  • Select an IP interface from the list in the information panel
  • Click the "<<" button to add the selected IP interface. This is the outgoing route from the hardware adapter.

Web Portal v2.4 M2PA SAP IP Interface.png

6. Verify that the desired IP interface has been added to the list of chosen interfaces:

Web Portal v2.4 M2PA SAP IP Interface 2.png