Toolpack v2.4:Create MTP2 Links

The MTP2 link is used to connect the MTP2 physical layer to a line service carrying SS7 signaling.

To create an MTP2 link:

1. Click "Create New Mtp2 Link" in the MTP2 configuration window:

Web Portal v2.4 Create MTP2 Link.png

2. Configure the new MTP2 link:

  • Enter a name for the new link
  • Select a connection mode:
    • Normal
    • Hsl
  • Select a line service
  • Assign timeslots to the link
  • Select a protocol type:
    • ITU92
    • ITU88
    • ANSI88
    • ANSI92
    • TTC
    • NTT
  • Select a DPC length:
    • 16 bits
    • 24 bits
  • Select a timeslot rate:
    • 64 Kbps
    • 56 Kbps
    • 48 Kbps
  • Click "Create" to finalize the configuration

Web Portal v2.4 Creating MTP2 Link.png

3. Verify that the "MTP2 link was successfully created" message appears:

Web Portal v2.4 MTP2 Link Created.png