Toolpack v2.4:Create Line Services

Line services correspond to the payload content of physical lines, therefore in order to configure a line service for a line interface, the line interfaces should already have been configured.

To create a line service

1. Select Line Interfaces from the navigation panel.

Web Portal v2.4 Navigation Panel Line Interfaces.png

2. Click "Edit" next to the line interface

Web Portal v2.4 Edit Line Interface.png

3. Click "Create New Child Line Service" from the Line Interface Information panel.

Web Portal v2.4 Create Line Service.png

4. Enter a name for the line service and click "Create".

Web Portal v2.4 Creating Line Service.png

5. The resulting line service is displayed in the information panel.

Web Portal v2.4 Line Service Created.png

6. Repeat this procedure for each line that you will use.

Verifying Status

To verify the status of a line service, either select Status from the Navigation panel or select the Status tab in the Information panel.