Toolpack v2.4:Create Line Interfaces

Note: To add a line interface, the Tmedia unit must have a TDM module installed.

To add a line interface

1. Select "Line Interfaces" from the navigation panel.

Web Portal v2.4 Navigation Panel Line Interfaces.png

2. Click "Create New Line Interface" from the Information panel.

Web Portal v2.4 Create Line Interface.png

3. To create a new line interface:

  • Enter a name for the line interface, and set the Line Type (this setting will depend on the installed TDM module)
  • Select a local index number for each line. The local indexes for trunks are zero-based values. This means that local index 0 is trunk 1 and local index 1 is trunk 2. Enter a local index number, assigning a different value to each line interface.
  • Set all necessary parameters for the line type chosen, such as Line Length, Encoding, and Signal Level.
  • Click "Create"

Web Portal v2.4 Creating Line Interface.png

The 'Line Interface was successfully created' message is displayed.

Web Portal v2.4 Line Interface Created.png

4. To view a listing of the line interfaces click "List".

Web Portal v2.4 Line Interface List Button.png

The Line Interface List is displayed.

Web Portal v2.4 Line Interface List.png

Verifying Status

To verify the status of the line interface, either select "Status" from the Navigation panel or select the "Status" tab in the Information panel.