Toolpack v2.4:Create ISUP CIC Groups

To create an ISUP CIC group:

1. Click "Create New Isup Cic Group" in the ISUP interface configuration window (a number of groups can be created at once by clicking "Create Multiple New Isup Cic Group"):

Web Portal v2.4 Create ISUP CIC Group.png

2. Configure the new ISUP CIC group:

  • Enter a name for the group
  • Enter a number for the first CIC in the group (this value must follow other CIC group value, and not overlap)
  • Select a line service
  • Check the appropriate timeslots (click "Select all" to check all timeslots)
  • Select a call control method
  • Click "Create" to finalize the configuration

Web Portal v2.4 Creating ISUP CIC Group.png

3. Verify that the "IsupCicGroup was successfully created" message appears:

Web Portal v2.4 ISUP CIC Group Created.png