Toolpack v2.3:Create an MTP2 Link

The MTP2 link is used to link the MTP2 physical layer with a line service carrying SS7 signaling.

In order to create a new MTP2 link, you must configure a number of parameters.

A number of advanced parameters may also be configured as indicated in the latter portion of Step 2 (see below).

To create a new MTP2 link

1. Click 'Create New MTP2 Link', to access the MTP2 link configuration window.

Web Portal v2.3 Create New MTP2 Link.png

2. Enter a name for the MTP2 link.

  • Select the connection mode. Normal requires that you choose the timeslot used. HSL uses all timeslots.
  • Select the line service carrying the SS7 payload, set the protocol type, DPC, and the timeslot rate.

Web Portal v2.3 MTP2 Link Advanced.png

In this example, when an HSL connection mode is chosen, all of the timeslots are used automatically.

NOTE: At this time, you may also choose to configure values for the various timers as well as a number of advanced parameters.

Web Portal v2.3 MTP2 Hsl.png

3. Click 'Create' to save the settings.

Web Portal v2.3 Creating MTP2 Link.png

4. Verify that the MTP2 link is listed in the MTP2 Links listing.

Web Portal v2.3 MTP2 Link Created.png