Uninstalling Toolpack Manually

Applies to version(s) v2.3 to v2.10


 Run the Toolpack uninstall.exe file in C:\TelcoBridges
 Delete the C:\TelcoBridges Directory
 Find the 'InstallJammer Registry' and remove its 'TBToolPack' sub-directory (Warning the 'InstallJammer Registry' is a hidden file, you may need to enable Windows to see it)
 Example for Windows XP:
 DEL C:\Program Files\InstallJammer Registry\TBToolPack

Linux (Warning: Except for TBLinux, this will remove one of the prerequisite, check validation guide v2-3 or validation guide v2-5 if you want to re-install Toolpack)

 rm -rf /lib/tb/toolpack /etc/init.d/tbtoolpack_* /etc/init.d/tbhostpwr /var/lib/installjammer