Toolpack Debug Application:Tb640debug

tb640debug is a debug tool which takes snapshot of the whole system. It generates system dump files (.dmp). These files contains information about the configuration and status of the Toolpack system as well as the TMedia units within the whole system.

Application Location

The binary is located in the [InstallDir]/[PackageVersion]/bin/release/[Platform]/


Version 2.9.29, CentOS 64 bits system


How to use it

Run the executable with the -ALL option

tb640debug -ALL

Download resulting capture

Once the tb640debug application has finished the acquisition, it will generate a number of files with .dmp extension.
You can download these files from the directory where the tool was lauched.



Other options available

tb640debug -help
Usage: tb640debug [-h] [-append] [-all] [-ALL] [-gw port]
     -h:       Skip querying host information
     -append:  Don't add date to dump file name, and append to end of previous file name
     -all:     Automatically print (don't prompt) info for all adapter/applications, one at the time
     -ALL:     Automatically print (don't prompt) info for all adapter/applications, at the same time
     -gw:      Use this port instead of the TBX_GW_PORT environment variable
     -adapter: Automatically print (don't prompt) info for specified adapter