Toolpack Application:gateway

Started By

Gateway is spawned by tboamapp.


Gateway Application is used to bridge 2 call legs, according to a set of routes. The Gateway Application receives incoming calls from toolpack_engine, tries to find a matching route, remaps call parameters if required, and then tells toolpack_engine to generate an outgoing call.

It is responsible for:

  • Handling call flow
  • Accepting / rejecting call legs.
  • Routing call legs to the destination naps, according to routing script, and call profile parameters
  • Sending / writing CDR information.
  • Starting play / relay stream for early media.
  • Remapping call parameters when required

High Availability

Gateway is a Active/Standby type of application. The first instance of the Gateway application to be detected by the toolpack_engine will become active and will be the only instance to take action in the system. In the eventuality where the active instance is unavailable the Standby instance will become active. Since there is no preferred instances, the Gateway application don't fall back to the primary host.


When becoming active, the Gateway instance retrieves all the active calls from Toolpack_engine. The transient calls will be released by the Toolpack_engine.


The logs for the Toolpack Gateway Application as follows: