FreeSBC Web Portal 3.0: Protocol Stacks

Applies to FreeSBC and Tmedia products

(Step 1)
Configure IP port range
(Step 2)
Configure SIP Signaling
(Step 3)
Modify NAP profile
(Step 4a)
Configure Network Access Points (NAPs)
(Step 4b)
Configure Network Access Points (NAPs)
(Step 1)

Configure SIP Domain

(Step 2)

Configure SIP Register Filtering Rule (Optional)


SIP Spiral

Remote NAT Traversal



When modifying the following parameters, the SIP stack will be deallocated and reallocated, resulting in a loss of active calls. Be careful when changing these parameters:


  • All Parameters

Header Parameters

  • Domain Name
  • Add Port

DNS Parameters

  • Enabled
  • Use Cache
  • Cache Expire Time
  • Address and Port

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