Starting an Application

Applies to version(s): v2.5, v2.6.

In order to be able to load and start an application, it will need to have been installed on the Toolpack application server. In addition, at least one Tmedia unit must have been configured on the Toolpack application server so that you are able to connect to it.

When you first log on to the Web Portal, your system application will have been installed on the Toolpack application server, and it will be in a management state. This means that the application is not yet operating and controlling your system. In order to start an application, its state must be changed from Management to Run.

To start an application:

1. Select Instances from the navigation panel.

Toolpack v2.5 Navigation Panel Instances.png

2. Select the application that you wish to run and click Edit.

Toolpack v2.5 Edit Application Instance.png

3. Activate the application:

  • Click the Status tab.

Toolpack v2.5 Application Instance Status Tab.png

  • Set the Oam target state to Run.
  • Click Apply States

Toolpack v2.5 Editing Instance.png