Modifying ISUP Userpart for SPIROU

This article applies to: Product Version
Tmedia 2.8, 2.9, 2.10, 3.0, 3.2

This article assumes that SS7 ISUP is configured.

1- Select ISUP from the navigation panel

ModifyIsupForSpirou 0.png

2- Select the ISUP stack you wishto configure.

ModifyIsupForSpirou 1.png

3- In the Editing Userparts section, select the ISUP userpart you to configure.

ModifyIsupUserPartForSpirou 0.png

4- Select SPIROU in the Protocol Variant drop-down menu.

ModifyIsupUserPartForSpirou 1.png

5- A new checkbox Strict SPIROU validation appears once SPIROU Protocol Variant is selected.

  • Select this checkbox to make sure your configuraton is compliant with SPIROU.

ModifyIsupUserPartForSpirou 2.png

6- Click Timers to expand the Timers section

  • Set T6 Timer to a value between 60000 and 120000 ms (between 60 and 120 seconds)

ModifyIsupUserPartForSpirou 3.png

7- Click Advanced Parameters to expand the Advanced Parameters section

  • Uncheck the Allow group messages option
  • Click Save

ModifyIsupUserPartForSpirou 4.png

8- Verify that the "IsupUserpart was successfully updated" message is displayed

ModifyIsupUserPartForSpirou 5.png

List of Parameters