Creating Profiles

Applies to version v2.6

Profiles are created to define the manner in which many aspects of signalling are handled by the system. Profiles can be used to fine-tune the handling of VoIP, TDM, IVR and Tones, and more. To create a profile you must use the Tmedia Web Portal.

To create a profile:

1- Click Profiles in the navigation panel

CreateProfile 0 A.png

System profiles contain settings for a large number of call processing options. To learn more about these profile settings, consult the following profile categories:

2- Click Create New Profile, to create a new profile

CreateProfile 1 A.png

3- Enter a name for the profile

  • Click Create

CreateProfile 2 A.png

4- Verify that the "Profile was successfully created" message appears, and that the newly added profile appears in the Profiles List below

CreateProfile 3 A.png