Enabling strict SPIROU validation

Applies to version(s): v2.6, v2.7.

This section assumes that all the following steps were done :

During the step Modifying ISUP Userpart for SPIROU, a checkbox appears when SPIROU Protocol Variant is selected.

This is a global parameter, so enabling/disabling this option will enable/disable strict SPIROU validation for all ISUP Userparts.

1- Check Strict SPIROU validation checkbox

2- Click the Save button

3- Verify that the "IsupUserpart was successfully updated" message is displayed. If not, fix any error that is reported.

  • Note : validation is done for all Profiles and all ISUP stacks in the current configuration.

When Strict SPIROU validation is checked, the web portal validates the configuration and will not allow to save any configuration that is not compliant with SPIROU.

When passing SPIROU certification, it is highly recommended to use this option.