Database Backup

Applies to version(s): v2.5, v2.6.

The “Backups” menu can create a backup of the configuration to restore it in case of failure or to install the same configuration on another unit.
After carrying out system modifications, it is STRONGLY recommended that you back up the MYSQL database used by Toolpack.
Below are the steps to do so:

1- Click Backups in the navigation panel

Toolpack v2.5 Navigation Panel Backups.png

2- Click Create, under Create New Database Backup

Toolpack v2.5 Create Backup.png

3- Verify that the Database backup dump was successfully started. Refresh this page when it is done message appears. Then, refresh your Internet browser page

Toolpack v2.5 Creating Backup.png

4- Verify that your new backup appears in the Database Backup List

Toolpack v2.5 Backup Created.png

5- Click the Download link, to store your backup externally

Toolpack v2.5 Download Backup.png

6- Click Save in the pop-up window to store the backup

Toolpack v2.5 Backup DL.png

To use a configuration from another unit

You can use a database backup from another unit. To do this use:

Backups -> Recover

After a few minutes, the web portal will come back online and the new configuration will be available.

You need to Activate the configuration to apply the changes.

The database files backups are stored here: