Creating an SCCP Stack

Applies to version(s): v2.5, v2.6., v2.7

Now that the ISUP portion of your system has been configured, you must create the SCCP layer. The first step in doing so is to create a new SCCP stack.

The Signaling Connection Control Part (SCCP) layer provides connectionless network services and an address translation mechanism, called global title translation (GTT), capability above MTP3.

To create an SCCP stack:

1- Select SCCP from the navigation panel

Toolpack v2.5 Navigation Panel SCCP.png

2- Configure the new SCCP stack:

Toolpack v2.5 Creating SCCP Stack.png

3- Verify that the "SCCP Stack was successfully created" message appears

Toolpack v2.5 SCCP Stack Created.png

4- Next Step: Create an SCCP Network

List of Parameters


Create an SCCP Network