Creating an SCCP SSN

This article applies to: Product Version
Tmedia 2.9, 2.10, 3.0, 3.2

After you configure an SCCP Route, you can add SCCP Sub-System Number (SSN) on the route.

SCCP Sub-System Number are used to identify applications of this route's DPC. SCCP managament will maintain the availability state for each SSN associated with the route's DPC. The SSN management status affects the routing decision. If a peer SSN is unavailable, the SCCP stack will try an alternate DPC/route.

To Create an SCCP SSN:

1- Select SCCP from the navigation panel

Create SCCP Stack 0.png

2- Select an SCCP Network

Select SCCP Network 0.png

3- Select an SCCP LSAP

Select SCCP LSAP 0.png

4- Select an SCCP Route

Select SCCP Route 0.png

5- Click Create New SSN from the SCCP route configuration window

Create SCCP SSN 0.png

6- Configure the new SCCP SSN:

Create SCCP SSN 1.png

7- Verify that the "SccpRtSsn was successfully created" message appears

Create SCCP SSN 2.png

8- Configure SCCP Route SSN Backup Point Code

Create SCCP SSN 3.png

  • Note: For each selected point codes, a valid SCCP route must exist.



Parameters (text)

backup_point_codes          = [ "@[point_code]" ]
first_concerned_point_code  = "@[point_code]"
options                     = [ "ACCESSIBLE_BY_DEFAULT" ]
replication_mode            = "DOMINANT"
second_concerned_point_code = "@[point_code]"
sub_system_number           = 1

Parameters (json)

  "backup_point_codes" : [
  "first_concerned_point_code" : "@[point_code]",
  "options" : [
  "replication_mode" : "DOMINANT",
  "second_concerned_point_code" : "@[point_code]",
  "sub_system_number" : 1

List of Parameters