Creating an SCCP Route

This article applies to: Product Version
Tmedia 2.9, 2.10, 3.0, 3.2

Now that you have created an SCCP LSAP, you must create a new SCCP route to a specific destination point code (DPC) in your system.

To Create an SCCP Route:

1- Select SCCP from the navigation panel

Create SCCP Stack 0.png

2- Select an SCCP Network

Select SCCP Network 0.png

3- Select an SCCP LSAP

Select SCCP LSAP 0.png

4- Click Create new Sccp Route in the SCCP LSAP configuration window

Create SCCP Route 0.png

5- Configure the new SCCP Route:

Create SCCP Route 1.png

6- Verify that the "SccpRoute was successfully created" message appears

Create SCCP Route 2.png

7- Configure SCCP Route Backup Point Code

Create SCCP Route 3.png

  • Note: For each selected point codes, a valid SCCP route must exist.



Parameters (text)

backup_point_codes     = [  ]
destination_point_code = "@[point_code]"
name                   = "@[sccp_route]"
protocol_variant       = "ITU96"
replication_mode       = "DOMINANT"
sls_mask               = "5_BITS"

broadband_support = false
options           = [ "ADJACENT_NODE", "ONLINE_BY_DEFAULT" ]

Parameters (json)

  "advanced_parameters" : {
    "broadband_support" : false,
    "options" : [
  "backup_point_codes" : [
  "destination_point_code" : "@[point_code]",
  "name" : "@[sccp_route]",
  "protocol_variant" : "ITU96",
  "replication_mode" : "DOMINANT",
  "sls_mask" : "5_BITS",

List of Parameters

Advanced Parameters