Creating an SCCP GTT Association

This article applies to: Product Version
Tmedia 2.9, 2.10, 3.0, 3.2

After you create an SCCP SSN, you must create a new SCCP Global Title Translation Association.

SCCP GTT Association A GTT association defines a particular Global Title format and associated fields. It is assumed that all global titles included in this association have specific translation needs and therefore can be served by a single translation function set.

You can create multiple GTT associations. This allows, for example, you to have a separate "Translation Table" for different Numbering Plan, E.164 vs E.212.

The GTT Association is the association between:

Filtering Rules Inbound SCCP messages that matches all filter following criteria will hit the associated "Translation Table"

Creating an SCCP GTT Association

1- Select SCCP from the navigation panel

Create SCCP Stack 0.png

2- Click Create New Sccp GTT Association from the SCCP stack configuration window

Create SCCP GTT 0.png

3- Configure the new SCCP GTT association:

Create SCCP GTT 1.png

4- Depending on Format Type, select if you want to filter on GT following parameters. Below example shows the applicable fields for Format Type = "Type_4":

5- Click Create

6- Verify that the "SccpGTTAsso was successfully created" message appears

Create SCCP GTT 2.png



Parameters (text)

name                  = "ITU"
protocol_variant      = "ITU"
sccp_gtt_asso_actions = [ "FIX__1__8", "CONST____" ]
sccp_network          = "ALL"

encoding_scheme      = "NOT_USED"
format_type          = "NOT_USED"
nature_of_address    = "NOT_USED"
numbering_plan_type  = "NOT_USED"
odd_even_type        = "NOT_USED"
translation_type     = 0
use_translation_type = false

Parameters (json)

  "global_title" : {
    "encoding_scheme" : "NOT_USED",
    "format_type" : "NOT_USED",
    "nature_of_address" : "NOT_USED",
    "numbering_plan_type" : "NOT_USED",
    "odd_even_type" : "NOT_USED",
    "translation_type" : 0,
    "use_translation_type" : false
  "name" : "@[sccp_gtt_associations]",
  "protocol_variant" : "ITU",
  "sccp_gtt_asso_actions" : [
  "sccp_network" : "ALL"

List of Parameters