Creating an MTP3 Linkset

This article applies to: Product Version
Tmedia 2.9, 2.10, 3.0, 3.2

Once you have created an MTP3 network, you define linksets to logically combine multiple MTP3 links that connect to the same DPC. For example, one linkset could be the links between a point code identifying a Tmedia/Tdev SS7 node and a point code identifying the adjacent SS7 equipment.

To create an MTP3 linkset:

1- Click MTP3 in the navigation panel.

Mtp3 0 A.png

2- Select an MTP3 network.

Create MTP3 Linkset 0.png

3- Click Create New Mtp3 Linkset

Create MTP3 Linkset 1.png

4- Configure the new linkset:

  • Enter a name for the linkset
  • Select an origin point code (OPC)
  • Select an adjacent point code
  • Make sure the desired state is set to Active
  • Click Create

Create MTP3 Linkset 2.png

5- Verify that the "Mtp3Linkset was successfully created" message appears

Create MTP3 Linkset 3.png



Parameters (text)

adjacent_point_code = "@[point_code]"
name                = "@[mtp3_linkset]"
origin_point_code   = "@[point_code]"

active = true

Parameters (json)

  "adjacent_point_code" : "@[point_code]",
  "name" : "@[mtp3_linkset]",
  "origin_point_code" : "@[point_code]",
  "state" : {
    "active" : true

List of Parameters

Live states