Creating an M2PA SAP

Applies to version(s): v2.5, v2.6.

Now that you have created an M2PA configuration, you must create a new M2PA service access point (SAP) for your system. The SAP is an identifying label for endpoints in your network.

To create a new M2PA SAP:

1- Select M2PA from the navigation panel

Toolpack v2.5 Navigation Panel M2PA.png

2- Click Create new M2pa Sap

Toolpack v2.5 Create M2PA SAP.png

3- Configure the new M2PA SAP:

  • Enter a name for the SAP
  • Enter an SCTP source port for the SAP
  • Click Create

Toolpack v2.5 Creating M2PA SAP.png

4- Verify that the "M2pa Sap was successfully created" message appears

Toolpack v2.5 M2PA SAP Created.png

5- Associate IP interfaces

  • Select an IP interface from the list in the information panel
  • Click the "<<" button to add the selected IP interface. This is the outgoing route from the hardware adapter.

Toolpack v2.5 M2PA SAP IP Interface.png

List of Parameters