Creating an IUA Cluster

This article applies to: Product Version
Tmedia 2.9, 2.10, 3.0, 3.2

After you create an IUA SAP, you must create an IUA cluster for your system.

To create an IUA cluster:

1- Click IUA in the navigation panel

Create Iua Config 0.png

2- Select an IUA SAP

Select IUA SAP 0.png

3- Click Create New Iua Cluster in the IUA SAP configuration window

Create Iua cluster 0.png

4- Configure the new IUA cluster:

  • Enter a name for the cluster
  • Select a traffic mode
  • Select a load share mode
  • Click Create

Create Iua cluster 1.png

5- Verify that the "Iua Cluster was successfully created" message appears

Create Iua cluster 2.png



Parameters (text)

loadshare_mode      = "PER_LINK"
name                = "@[iua_cluster]"
traffic_mode        = "ACTIVE_STANDBY"

min_simultaneous_active_peer = 1
msg_queue_size               = 16

Parameters (json)

  "advanced_parameters" : {
    "min_simultaneous_active_peer" : 1,
    "msg_queue_size" : 16
  "loadshare_mode" : "PER_LINK",
  "name" : "@[iua_cluster]",
  "traffic_mode" : "ACTIVE_STANDBY"

List of Parameters