Creating a SIP Transport Server

This article applies to: Product Version
Tmedia 2.9, 2.10, 3.0, 3.2

After you create a SIP stack, you must must create a new SIP transport server for your SIP configuration.

Note: In order to employ SIP transport servers, the protocol that they will use to transport the SIP signaling traffic must be defined.

To do so:

1- Click SIP in the navigation panel

SipNav B 0.png

2- Select a SIP stack for which you wish to create a transport server

SipTransport 0.png

3- Click Create New Transport Server

SipTransport 1.png

4- Create the new SIP transport server:

  • Enter a name for the server
  • Select an appropriate port type
  • Select an appropriate IP interface
  • Click Create

SipTransport 2a.png

5- Verify that the "SIP transport server was successfully created" message appears, and that the new server is listed in the Transport Servers list

SipTransport 3.png

SipTransport 4.png



Parameters (text)

ip_header_tos = 0
ip_interface  = "@[hardware_name].@[voip_Name]"
name          = "@[sipStack_Name]"
port          = 5060
port_type     = "UDP"

Parameters (json)

  "ip_header_tos" : 0,
  "ip_interface" : "@[hardware_name].@[voip_Name]",
  "name" : "@[sipStack_Name]",
  "port" : 5060,
  "port_type" : "UDP"

List of Parameters