Creating a SIP Registrar

Applies to version(s): v3.0

A SIP registrar represents a SIP endpoint that provide a location service. You must configure SIP Registrar for your system. The first step in doing so is to select your SIP Domain:

1- Click on your domain in the SIP Domain List

Select SIP Domain.png

2- Click Create New SIP Registration Registrar

Create New SIP Registrar.png

3- Create the new SIP Registration Registrar

  • Enter a Name for the SIP Registration Registrar
  • Enter an Address to reach the registrar
  • Select the registrar destination Port
  • Select which local interface will be use to send REGISTER message in SIP Transport Server
  • Poll Registrar enabled by default. Sends an OPTIONS message to determine registrar availability.
  • Polling Interval in seconds. Time between each OPTIONS sending message.
  • Response Timeout in second. Maximum waiting time for a response to a registrar polling.
  • Click Create

Create New SIP Registrar3.png

4- Verify that the Sip registration registrar was successfully created message appears

Create New SIP Registrar2.png