Creating a Line Service

This article applies to: Product Version
Tmedia 2.9, 2.10, 3.0, 3.2

A line service defines the type of paylaod that a line interface carries or it defines another line service. The configuration of a line service ends when it reaches the E1/J1/T1 line service.

The E1/T1 line services are also known as trunks or spans.

To create line service(s):

1- Select TDM Line Interfaces from the navigation panel

CreateLineService 0.png

2- Select the line interface for which you would like to create a line service.

CreateLineService 1.png

3- You can create one line service at a time or multiple line services in a single pass.

3a- To create a single line service, click Create New Child Line Service.

CreateLineService 1a.png

3b- To create a range of line services in a single pass, click Create Multiple Child Line Services.

CreateMultipleLineService 0 A.png

4- Enter values for the line service.

4a- Single line service:

  • Enter a name for the new line service
  • Select an available local index.
  • Select a framing mode.
  • Click Create.

CreateLineService 2.png

4b- Multiple Line Services

  • Enter a name for the range of line services.
  • Select a renge of line interfaces for which the line services will be created. (Use the CTRL key to select individual line intefraces or the shift key to select a range.)
  • Enter the number of line services you will create for the line interface. Enter 1 for T1/E1.
  • Enter the starting index in first index to create.
  • Select a framing mode.
  • Click Create.

CreateMultipleLineService 1 A.png

5- The new line service(s) are displayed in the Line Services list

CreateLineService 3.png



Parameters (text)

local_index = 0
name        = @[line_service_name]

audio_companding = "AUTO"
framing          = "AUTO"
idle_code        = 85
loop_time        = false

loopback_type = "None"

Parameters (json)

  "@[line service name]" : {
    "local_index" : 0,
    "name" : "@[line service name]",
    "parameters" : {
      "audio_companding" : "AUTO",
      "framing" : "AUTO",
      "idle_code" : 85,
      "loop_time" : false
    "state" : {
      "loopback_type" : "None"

List of Parameters

Advanced Parameters