Creating SS7 Point Codes

This article applies to: Product Version
Tmedia 2.10, 3.0, 3.2

Point codes are used to define the adjacent and target networks so that calls are properly routed from one network to the next.

To create SS7 originating point codes (OPC) and destination point codes (DPC):

1- Click Point Codes in the navigation panel

PointCodes 0 A.png

2- Click Create New Point Code

PointCodes 1 A.png

3- Configure the new point code:

  • Enter a name for the point code
  • Select a point code type (select type-specific parameters)
  • Select a point code length (14, 16, 24 bits)
  • Enter a point code. Either as bits, decimal, or hexadecimal.
  • Click Create

In this example, an originating point code (OPC) is created.

PointCodes 2 B.png

4. Verify that the "PointCode was successfully created" message appears, and the new point code appears in the Point Codes list

PointCodes 3 A.png



Parameters (text)

length     = "14bits format=3.8.3"
name       = "@[point_code]"
point_code = "1.7.2"
type       = "OPC"

Parameters (json)

  "length" : "14bits format=3.8.3",
  "name" : "@[point_code]",
  "point_code" : "1.7.2",
  "type" : "OPC"

List of parameters