Creating M2UA Links

This article applies to: Product Version
Tmedia 2.9, 2.10, 3.0, 3.2

After you create an M2UA cluster, you must create M2UA links for your system.

An M2UA link is always bound to an MTP2 link, and can be seen a way of extending MTP2 functionality.

To create an M2UA link:

1- Click M2UA in the navigation panel

Create M2ua 0.png

2- Select an M2UA SAP

Select M2uaSap 0.png

3- Select an M2UA Cluster

Select M2uaCluster 0.png

4- Click Create New M2ua Link in the M2UA cluster configuration window:

Create M2UA Link 0.png

5- Configure the new M2UA link:

  • Enter a name for the link
    • For a system on a signaling gateway: Select an MTP2 link
    • For a system on a media gateway controller: Select NONE
  • Select a protocol type (same as MTP2)
  • Select an interface ID type
  • Enter an appropriate interface ID (must be unique to each link)
  • Click Create

Create M2UA Link 1.png

6- Verify that the "M2ua Link was successfully created" message appears

Create M2UA Link 2.png



Parameters (text)

intf_id       = "1"
intf_id_type  = "Integer"
mtp2_link     = "NONE"
name          = "@[m2ua_link]"
protocol_type = "ITU"

target_link_state = "Connected"

Parameters (json)

  "intf_id" : "1",
  "intf_id_type" : "Integer",
  "mtp2_link" : "NONE",
  "name" : "@[m2ua_link]",
  "protocol_type" : "ITU",
  "state" : {
    "target_link_state" : "Connected"

List of Parameters