Create CAS R2 Stack

Applies to version(s): v2.5, v2.6.

Now that the necessary underlying structures have been configured, you must create a new CAS R2 stack.

The TelcoBridges CAS R2 stack features a scriptable register signaling engine that, in practice, allows the complete customization of communication processes using tones. More specifically, it is possible to modify the timing(s) of the tone exchanges, change the meaning(s) of each tone and dynamically specify the sequence in which the tones are played. The CAS R2 stack also provides integrated interoperability between variants and between other signaling types. For instance, the calling party category can be converted between variants and propagated to a SS7 call leg.

To create a CAS R2 stack:

1- Click CAS R2 in the navigation panel

Toolpack v2.5 Navigation Panel CASR2.png

2- Click Create New CAS R2 Stack

Toolpack v2.5 Create CASR2 Stack.png

3- Configure the new CAS R2 stack:

  • Make sure the Enabled box is checked
  • Enter a name for the stack
  • Select a line service
  • Select a variant script
  • Click Create

Toolpack v2.5 Creating CASR2 Stack.png

4- Verify that the "CAS R2 stack was successfully created" message appears

Toolpack v2.5 CASR2 Stack Created.png

List of Parameters