Web Portal 2.8: Call Routes Settings

Add routes

Routing Script TelcoBridges provides a wide variety of routing script examples which customers can apply directly in their web configuration according to their needs by following just a few simple steps. Please select one of the following examples according to your needs. You may modify it when necessary.

*Flexible NOA: Remap the Calling/Called NOA flexibly based on the routes. It should cover most of the NOA requests since the routes include the calling/called remapping as well.

*Prefix NOA: Remapp Calling/Called NOA according to the prefix of the calling/called number, manipulate calling/called number. For calling number, if it is a privacy call, use the number in P-Asserted-Identity line or Remote-Party-ID line as the calling number to remap the NOA and do the manipulation.

Flexible NOA Prefix NOA

Audio Prompts


This section assumes:

  • The routing script is already implemented (you just need to add the label routing functionality)
  • The routeset definition and digimap files are already created

Add label routing functionality
Update definition/digitmap files

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