Toolpack: Adding RADIUS Server(s)

Applies to version(s): v2.6, 2.7

Multiple RADIUS servers can be configured to provide RADIUS redundancy.

1- Select RADIUS from the navigation panel.

RadiusEnable 0.png

2- In the Editing RADIUS client configuration page, select Create new RADIUS server

Radius 0 1 A.png

3- Configure the RADIUS server with these parameters:

  • Name to recognize the server.
  • RADIUS server address and port is the IP address and port of the RADIUS server we want to access. The format is x.x.x.x for the IP and you can add the port with a colon if it is different than the default port 1813 (for example
  • RADIUS timeout is the request timeout in milliseconds for each request to this server.
  • RADIUS retries is the number of retries the RADIUS client will try before falling back to other methods. See full details on functionality here: CDR redundancy
  • Server secret is the passphrase to authenticate the TMG on the RADIUS server.

Radius client configuration.jpg

4- You can configure multiple RADIUS servers to have RADIUS redundancy. Each entry can have different settings.

Radius Configuration 2 6.jpg