Activating the Configuration

This article applies to: Product Version
Tmedia 2.9, 2.10, 3.0, 3.2
SBC 3.0, 3.1

Changes made to the configurations are stored in the OAM&P Configuration and Logging database. Any changes to the configuration must be activated, in order for them to be used by the system. This is done at the system level and accessed from the navigation panel.

Note: To activate a configuration, you must be an Admin user or a user with write access to the System menu.

To activate a system configuration:

1. Select System from the navigation panel.

Systems Navigation Panel B.png

2. To activate the configuration, click Activate.

Note: Make certain that the Lock active configuration box is unchecked. Failure to do so will prevent the configuration from being saved.

Toolpack Editing System B1.png

3. Verify that an activation confirmation message is displayed. The system will remind you to back up your database when you are done configuring (at top of screen):

Toolpack System Edited B2.png



Parameters (text)

active_configuration           = "@[configuration_name]"
active_package                 = "@[package_name]"
gw_port                        = @[port_number]
lock_active_configuration      = false
migrate_database               = true
name                           = "@[system_name]"
target_configuration           = ""
target_package                 = ""
validate_configuration         = ""
validate_package               = ""

Parameters (json)

  "active_configuration" : "@[configuration_name]",
  "active_package" : "@[package_name]",
  "gw_port" : @[port_number],
  "lock_active_configuration" : false,
  "migrate_database" : true,
  "name" : "system_1",
  "target_configuration" : "",
  "target_package" : "",
  "validate_configuration" : "",
  "validate_package" : "",