Tmonitor is the trade name for TelcoBridges' family of products for network monitoring (including GSM-R), lawful intercept, and real-time location-based services.

The following products are part of the Tmonitor product line:

  • TM1000: A high-performance, non-intrusive voice and data traffic monitoring solution with support for TDM (T1/E1) and GSM networks
  • TM3000: A high-performance, non-intrusive voice and data traffic monitoring and recording solution for TDM, GSM and ATM (OC3/STM-1) networks

In addition to the Tmonitor product line, the Tmedia product line can also be used for monitoring applications (though with lower density, but with added Voice analysis capability using DSPs and VoIP hardware):

Comparison of the Tmonitor family of products

TM1000 TM3000 E1/T1/J1 Tmedia STM1/OC3 Tmedia DS3 Tmedia
T1/E1 64 FDX / 128 HDX - 32 FDX / 64 HDX - -
OC3 / STM-1 - 2 FDX / 4 HDX - 1 HDX -
DS3 - - - - 3 HDX
DSP / VoIP hardware to analyze audio - - Yes Yes Yes
HDLC Controllers (HDX) 512 1024 64 64 64
Network Support TDM/GSM
Protocol Support
  • Raw
  • SS7(MTP2)
  • PPP
  • Frame relay
  • X.25
  • or proprietary HDLC

Using Tmonitor or Tmedia with Toolpack

Starting with Toolpack 2.9, the Tmonitor TM3000 can be integrated in the Toolpack framework, which provides easy-to-use APIs to control monitoring, and also provides protocol analyzer classes.

For more information about integration of monitoring functionalities in Toolpack, please refer to the following documentation: Toolpack_monitoring

Other notes

  • Monitoring using a TM1000 or a T1/E1/J1 TMedia unit requires the use of a TelcoBridges-designed monitoring patch panel for installations using T1/E1/J1 interfaces