Tdev Signaling Protocols

Signaling refers to the system of messages required to set up and tear down telephone calls between the calling and the called parties.

TelcoBridges and signaling protocols

TelcoBridges provides support for the following signaling protocols:

  • PSTN
    • SS7
    • ISDN PRI
      • (14+ variants), National ISDN-2, Euro ISDN, DMS100, DMS250, 4ESS, 5ESS, Japan INS-NET1500
    • CAS (multiple variants):
      • MF-R1, MFC-R2, Loop Start, Ground Start, Wink Start, Robbed-bit signaling

  • IP
    • SIP RFC 3261 User Agent, SIP Authentication

Important Notes

  • TelcoBridges' Tdev devices also offer the conversion of signaling messages between nodes that use different signaling protocols.
  • All supported protocols can be used simultaneously with the same device.