Rear view of Tdev TMP6400 with support for 3 DS3 connections

Tdev is the trade name for TelcoBridges' family of computer telephony and value-added services (VAS) development platforms.

Tdev devices are targeted at service providers that are looking to introduce new value-added services in order to promote customer loyalty and/or increase ARPU. Applications developed with Tdev devices include unified communications, ringback tones, and pre-paid/post-paid calling services, among many others.

Tdev solutions are characterized by the requirement for an external application host, a key differentiator relative to the Tmedia family of products.

Individual products

The following products are part of the Tdev product line:


  • TMP800
    • Low density (8 full-duplex T1/E1/J1s) computer telephony platform; targeted to cost-effectively trial new value-added services
  • TMP6400
    • High density (64 full-duplex T1/E1/J1s, 3 DS-3, 1 STM-1) computer telephony platform; available in 1U or 2U; providing a foundation for rapid subscriber uptake for new value-added services at larger points-of-presence (POP)
  • TMP6400-CTRL
    • 1U form factor TelcoBridges-branded server appliance featuring quad-core Intel Xeon processors and 2x500GB RAID-1 storage with redundant power supplies
  • TMP6400-TMS
    • A purpose-built switch designed to connect up to 16 TMP6400 devices in a single non-blocking system

Compact PCI

  • TB640
    • TelcoBridges' VAS development platform based on CompactPCI blade hardware