Tandem switching

Tandem switching consists of non-customer-facing switches that are configured to route traffic amongst themselves or to other switches for such purposes as capitalizing on cheap international long-distance, etc.

TelcoBridges and Tandem switching

TelcoBridges' Tmedia and Tdev devices can act as Class 4 switches, providing tandem switching among Class 5 devices at the local level. They offer a very cost-effective approach to building out footprint, consolidating call volumes.

Tdev and Tmedia devices are distinguished by high levels of customizability and faster turnaround on adding new features. The included Toolpack development software also allows operators to write and implement critical features that are unique to their business. Tdev and Tmedia devices also provide much flexibility, enabling operators to mix and match interface and signaling protocols, including SS7, ISDN, CAS R2, SIP, and SIGTRAN in the same box, with no need for additional dedicated hardware. Finally, they offer cost-conscious operators a platform that is recognized as a leader in energy efficiency and green operation.