The TelcoBridges™ Tdev TMP6400-TMS is a dedicated, high-availability media switch that is designed to be used with the TMP6400™. The TMP6400-TMS integrates with up to 16 units of TelcoBridges’ Tdev TMP6400 multi-service application platform to support up to 32,768 non-blocking universal voice ports across 1024 T1/E1/J1, 48 DS-3, or 16 STM-1 interfaces.

The TMP6400-TMS media switch supports carrier-grade, high-capacity bridging between TDM and IP networks, transcoding between various wireline, wireless, and Internet codecs and the delivery of hosted IP-PBX, Fax over IP, SIP trunking, voicemail, and other advanced services.

Front picture of TMP6400-TMS device in 1U form factor

In conjunction with TelcoBridges’ Toolpack application development environment, the TMP6400-TMS media switch enables load sharing and redundancy across TMP6400 devices and application servers to meet the growing needs of service providers for enhanced network-wide services such as unified communications, ringback tones, and pre-paid/post-paid service.

Schematic of 1 TMP6400-TMS arrayed with 3 TMP6400 devices and an external server

Features & benefits

Carrier grade: The TMP6400-TMS media switch is designed to meet the need for five 9s reliability that service providers and their customers demand. The TMP6400-TMS enables physical and logical redundancy across the switch and application fabric.

Flexibility: A network-agnostic platform, the TMP6400-TMS supports multiple ‘any-to-any’ switching for up to 32,768 non-blocking voice ports.

Scalability: Supports up to 16 TMP6400 platform devices representing 1024 T1/E1/J1, 48 DS-3, or 16 STM-1 interfaces. The TMP6400-TMS media switch features self-discovery and handling of protected optimal routes between any TMP6400 device in the cluster. This automation allows the platform to transparently scale the system without changes at the application level, regardless of how many units are present (i.e. one big single fault-tolerant system).

High availability: When paired together in a dual star architecture, two TMP6400-TMS devices enable redundancy and automatic fault-tolerance for communications units across the cluster. Combined with the Toolpack fault-tolerant software architecture, the TMP6400-TMS media switch supports high-availability for both SS7 signaling and core call routing, transcoding and application delivery functions.

Using the TMP6400-TMS

To add one or two TMP6400-TMS switches, your system must be comprised of three or more TMP6400 devices. In addition, the serial number of each TMP6400-TMS must be registered with the Toolpack application server.