TMG:Change Management IP Address

This article explains how to modify the management network interface of TMG800, TMG3200, and TMG7800-CTRL

TMG800 and TMG7800-CTRL have MTMG0 and MGMT1 interface configured in bonding. Only one can be connected if management redundancy is not necessary.
TMG3200 have MGMT0 interface. Redundant management interfaces can be configured after initial configuration.
Tmedia devices have a default management IP address of

To modify this default setting, the Tmedia is accessed through the serial port. See section '5.1 Connecting to the Serial Port' of the product installation guides for further information.
TMG800 devices can also connect via the USB port.

To avoid modification of the configuration files using 'vim' or 'nano', which is not very user friendly; TelcoBridges created a shell script to simplify the network configuration of the Tmedia.

The script will allow you to:

  • Change the IP address, subnet and gateway of the management port
  • Change the Domain name servers (DNS) used by the internal host.

TMG shell command


Modify static IP address

This example changes the IP address to a static address with no DNS server

  • Steps to modify mgmt0 from dhcp to static:
Do you want to modify the network settings (enter 'help' for usage) ?[No]                   --> yes
Do you want to modify mgmt0 ?[No]                                                           --> yes
Select network mode (dhcp or static) ?[dhcp]                                                --> static
Enter IP address ?[]                                                                        -->
Enter network mask ?[]                                                                      -->
  • Steps to modify the default gateway address (this is necessary to assign an IP address when in static mode.)
Would you like to modify the default gateway address ?[No]                                  --> yes
Enter default gateway ip address ?[]                                                        -->
  • Steps to remove the DNS configuration
Would you like to modify the DNS configuration ?[No]                                        --> yes
Would you like to reconfigure the DNS (enter 'remove' to erase dns) ?[No]                   --> remove
  • The script will show you the new configuration. Then you can acknowledge the changes.
Do you want to save this new configuration ?[No]                                            --> yes
  • You can ask the script to restart the network service and apply the new configuration.
Would you like to restart the network service now ?[No]                                     --> yes

NOTE: The subnets 172.31.1.x, 172.16.x.x and 172.18.x.x are used by the Tmedia internal network.
If the default subnets 172.31.1.x, 172.16.x.x and 172.18.x.x are used in your network, make sure these IPs modified in the initial configuration.