Changing the Internal Subnets

Applies to version v2.8 and above

This procedure describes how to change the internal subnets (IP addresses) of a TMG800, TMG3200 or TMG7800 Unit.

Click here for more information on internal subnets of TMG Units

Change the IP Addresses of the TMG7800 Telecom Units

Note: For the TMG800 and TMG3200, skip this step.

Before you change the host's subnets, make sure that all of the Telecom Units of your TMG7800 system have had their IP addresses changed to the new subnet. For each Telecom unit of the TMG7800 system, do the following:

  • Connect to Telecom Unit's shell (using Telnet, or serial port)
  • Use "set_net" command
  • Follow the instructions
  • Reboot the unit

Resetting the Host Role of the Unit

Note: If your Unit was just shipped, it does not yet has it's "role" configured, and you can skip this step.

Changing the internal IP addresses of a TMG requires that the Unit's role (Standlone/Primary/Secondary) is reset. Once the role is reset, the Web Portal displays the steps to reconfigure the Unit's Role, and configure the internal Subnets.

Reset the Host Role for v2.8

Configure the Unit's Role

You can configure the host role of your unit, to the following choices:

Make sure to repeat this operation for the two units of your 1+1 system, or the two hosts of your TMG7800 system. In addition, make sure to start with the primary.