Photo of front of TM1000

The TelcoBridges Tmonitor TM1000 enables service providers to record and analyze messages, as well as optimize network performance and quality of service (QoS), while providing a foundation for new value-added offerings, such as location-based services (LBS).

Schematic of TM1000 on a telecom network

As a high-performance voice and data traffic-monitoring solution, each Tmonitor TM1000 unit can perform non-intrusive, full-duplex monitoring and filtering of 64 T1/E1/JI interfaces per device at line-rate, providing up to 100% packet capture. Data captured by the TM1000 is routed by TCP/IP to an application server where it is analyzed and acted upon. In addition, PCM voice traffic can be recorded with TB StreamServer™, an application supplied by TelcoBridges.

Schematic showing a Tmonitor device plus the Isolation and Monitoring patch panels

Contrary to network-monitoring probes, the Tmonitor TM1000 does not affect the performance of the network or the status of a call, or introduce unwanted data artifacts. The TM1000 is designed to work with a purpose-built 32-port monitoring patch panel that features a high-impedance circuit to limit signal drain.

TelcoBridges also offers a higher capacity Tmonitor with the TM3000 for STM-1 connections.

The Tmedia family can also be used for monitoring with lower density, but with voice analysis capabilities using DSPs or VOIP hardware.

Features & Benefits

Monitoring applications. In addition to recording and analyzing voice messages, generating and verifying call detail records (CDR), the TM1000 enables services providers to perform fraud detection, lawful interception, and location-based billing.

Carrier-grade performance. The Tmonitor TM1000 is a high-volume monitoring solution. Multiple TM1000 devices and application servers can be clustered together in one or more facilities to provide essentially unlimited scalability. Application servers can also be deployed remotely for fully distributed monitoring.

Network monitoring flexibility. The Tmonitor TM1000 allows service providers to process and analyze all data captured in SS7, ISDN and HDLC packets and Raw traffic, as well as record up to 256 channels of voice traffic. It features highly configurable on-board packet filters so that only relevant information is captured from traffic streams and stored.

Non-intrusive. In order to maintain overall system performance and QoS, the TM1000 does not introduce latency or otherwise modify or alter the stream of communications. Installation of the TM1000 requires no modification to existing communications equipment.

For quotes or information regarding the Tmonitor, see TelcoBridges website.

Use Cases

The TM1000 device can be applied to the following markets:

Using TM1000 with Toolpack

Starting with Toolpack 2.9, the Tmonitor TM1000 can be integrated in the Toolpack framework, which provides easy-to-use APIs to control monitoring, and also provides protocol analyzer classes.

For more information about integration of monitoring functionalities in Toolpack, please refer to the following documentation: Toolpack Monitoring