Online Training

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Online Courses

This is a series of online courses for TelcoBridges hardware that are self-paced and can be followed as needed.

By attending this series of courses, you will learn how to:

  • Differentiate TelcoBridges Tmedia products
  • Configure the TDM interfaces (E1/T1, STM1 and DS3)
  • Configure IP and VoIP
  • Configure SIP
  • Operate administrative tasks on the Tmedia
  • Monitor status, statistics on the Tmedia

Targeted Audience

Designed for TelcoBridges resellers, partners, system integrators and end-customers, the courses content is tailored to attendees occupying the following roles:

  • Telecom Developer
  • Installation Specialist
  • Commissioning Specialist
  • Technical Support
  • Network Operator

List of courses