Parameter: Sub-System Number

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The Sub-System Number parameter is used to assign a sub-system number to an object within the SS7 SCCP control layer.
Integer values for this parameter are entered into a field.
Allowable values are from 1 to 255.

SSN value SSN SCCP user Description
0 Unknown SSN not known or not used.
1 SCCP management SCCP management
3 ISUP ISDN user part
4 OMAP Operation, Maintenance and Administration Part
5 MAP Mobile Application Part
6 HLR Home Location Register (MAP)
7 VLR Visitor Location Register (MAP)
8 MSC Mobile Switching Center (MAP)
9 EIR Equipment Identifier Register (MAP)
10 AUC Authentication Center
11 ISDN supplementary ISDN Supplementary services
13 BISDNE2EAPP Broadband ISDN Edge-to-Edge Application
14 TCTR TC Test Responder
142 RANAP Radio Access Network Application Part
143 RNSAP Radio Network Subsystem Application Part
145 GMLC Gateway Mobile Location Centre (MAP)
146 CAP CAMEL application part
147 gsmSCF Global System for Mobile Service Control Function (MAP)
148 SIWF Serving GPRS Support Node (MAP)
149 SGSN Serving GPRS Support Node (MAP)
150 GGSN Gateway GPRS Support Node (MAP)
249 PCAP Positioning Calculation Application Part
250 BSC BSSAP BSC Base Station System Application Part (BSSAP-LE)
251 MSC BSSAP MSC Base Station System Application Part (BSSAP-LE)
252 SMLC BSSAP Serving Mobile Location Center (BSSAP-LE)
253 BSSOM Base Station System Operation & Maintenance (A-interface)
254 BSSAP Base Station System Application Part (A-interface)