SS7 User's Guide

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The following is taken from the SS7 User's Guide of September 2008. Not all content has been ported to the wiki, specifically elements that deal with Toolpack API need to be revised before they can be ported. In some cases, some of the links below point to articles that were already on the wiki. For example, as part of the Web Portal Tutorial Guide. In this case, we have merged articles from both sources to the best of our ability.

Where practical, we have also provided links to articles from the SS7 User's guide in the form of 'related actions' or 'references' that can be found at the bottom of various topical pages, such as those found in the 'glossary' available via the left-hand navigation bar on each wiki page.

SS7 User's Guide







The signaling information/code contained in this document/product is based on the best information we have available. Although it has been tested successfully with other piece of signaling equipment, we cannot guarantee that it will conform to the usage of any particular switch in the field.