SCCP Parameter: Numbering Plan

NPI GT Numbering Plan Type Description Standard
* Not used No filtering based on NP
0 Unknown Unknown
1 ISDN ISDN/telephony numbering plan E.164
2 Telephony/generic Telephony numbering plan (Not valid in ITU96, ANSI96 and TELCORDIA)
3 Data Data numbering plan X.121
4 Telex Telex numbering plan F69
5 Maritime mobile Maritime Mobile numbering plan E210 and E.211
6 Land mobile Land Mobile numbering plan E.212
7 ISDN mobile ISDN Mobile numbering plan E.214
14 Private Private network or network specific numbering plan. (For ITU96, ANSI96 and TELCORDIA)


ISDN Numbering Plan

SCCP Numbering Plan.png