SBC Management IP configuration

This article explains how to modify the management network interface of FreeSBC and ProSBC

FreeSBC and ProSBC will come with a default mgmt0 port after installation. This interface needs to be configured to gain access to the web portal.
You can use the tbchangeip command to:

  • Change the IP address, subnet and gateway of the management port, or select DHCP.
  • Change the Domain name servers (DNS) used by the internal host (Used for updating Linux packages or other).


Type this command from the console:


Follow the instructions.

Modify static IP address

This example changes the IP address to a static address with no DNS server

  • Steps to modify mgmt0 from dhcp to static:
Do you want to modify the network settings (enter 'help' for usage) ?[No]                   --> yes
Do you want to modify mgmt0 ?[No]                                                           --> yes
Select network mode (dhcp or static) ?[dhcp]                                                --> static
Enter IP address ?[]                                                                        -->
Enter network mask ?[]                                                                      -->
  • Steps to modify the default gateway address (this is necessary to assign an IP address when in static mode.)
Would you like to modify the default gateway address ?[No]                                  --> yes
Enter default gateway ip address ?[]                                                        -->
  • Steps to remove the DNS configuration
Would you like to modify the DNS configuration ?[No]                                        --> yes
Would you like to reconfigure the DNS (enter 'remove' to erase dns) ?[No]                   --> remove
  • The script will show you the new configuration. Then you can acknowledge the changes.
Do you want to save this new configuration ?[No]                                            --> yes
  • You can ask the script to restart the network service and apply the new configuration.
Would you like to restart the network service now ?[No]                                     --> yes

NOTE: For 1+1 systems or when using external transcoding devices, some internal networks are configured. Make sure there is no IP conflict with your management netwokr when configuring these.