Replace Tmedia Standalone With Spare

Warning: This procedure will require some system downtime.

Start with the following steps: Prepare for replacement

The replacement of a standalone Tmedia is comprised of following steps:

Removing the Defective Unit

  • Shutdown the Tmedia
  • Disconnect from the PSTN network
  • Disconnect from the VoIP network
  • Disconnect from the Management network
  • Remove the Tmedia from the equipment rack

Installing the Replacement Unit

  • Rack-mount the Replacement Unit
  • Connect to the Management Interface
  • Connect to the VoIP Network
  • Connect to the PSTN Network

Refer to

Starting Up the Tmedia

Restoring the configuration to the replacement unit

If a database backup is available, import database using the Web Portal Backup menu:

Configuring the replacement unit

If a database backup is not available, configure the system via the web portal:

For systems running older versions, here are additional links: