Replace TMG3200 1+1 Primary With Spare

This procedure does not require system downtime.

Start with the following steps: Prepare for replacement

The replacement of a Primary TMG3200 is comprised of following steps:

Removing the Defective Unit

  • Shutdown the Primary TMG3200
  • Disconnect from the 1+1 patch panel
  • Disconnect from the VoIP network
  • Disconnect from the Management network
  • Remove the Primary TMG3200 from the equipment rack

Installing the Replacement Unit

Refer to TMG3200 Installation guide

  • Rack-mount the Replacement Unit
  • Connect to the Management Interface
  • Connect to the VoIP Network
  • Connect to the 1+1 patch panel
  • Connect the ETH0 and ETH1 port to the secondary unit

Starting Up the TMG3200

Verify if the unit runs the same firmware version and update

 cat /etc/redhat-release
  • Output example:
 CentOS release 5.11 (Final)
  • Verify if the major version (number before the '.') matches the one from the secondary unit. If not, please contact TB Support.
  • [Optional] Update the firmware
    • Type these command to update the software to the latest version:
 yum clean metadata
 yum update

Configure TMG3200 to connect to 1+1 system

Configuring the replacement unit

  • Once the same version as the secondary unit is installed on this unit, Reset the host role:
  • and configure it as primary:
    • Set primary host role - NOTE: When you are asked if the unit should get configuration and packages from an existing secondary unit, select YES and click Continue.

The configuration database will replicate itself from the secondary unit and will be ready to process calls a few minutes later.