Replace TMG3200 1+1 -Secondary With Spare

This procedure does not require system downtime.

Start with the following steps: Prepare for replacement

The replacement of a Secondary TMG3200 is comprised of following steps:

Removing the Defective Unit

  • Shutdown the Secondary TMG3200
  • Disconnect from the 1+1 patch panel
  • Disconnect from the VoIP network
  • Disconnect from the Management network
  • Remove the Secondary TMG3200 from the equipment rack

Installing the Replacement Unit

Refer to TMG3200 Installation guide

  • Rack-mount the Replacement Unit
  • Connect to the Management Interface
  • Connect to the VoIP Network
  • Connect to the 1+1 patch panel
  • Connect the ETH0 and ETH1 port to the secondary unit

Starting Up the TMG3200

Verify if the unit runs the same firmware version and update

 cat /etc/redhat-release
  • Output example:
 CentOS release 5.11 (Final)
  • Verify if the major version (number before the '.') matches the one from the secondary unit. If not, please contact TB Support.
  • [Optional] Update the firmware
    • Type these command to update the software to the latest version:
 yum clean metadata
 yum update

Configure TMG3200 to connect to 1+1 system

Configuring the replacement unit

The configuration database will replicate itself from the primary unit and will be ready to process calls a few minutes later.