Adding ProSBC as a SIP Trunk in the Brekeke PBX


This document provides instructions on how to configure Brekeke PBX Server with the ProSBC as SIP trunk. Please visit the following link for more details about Brekeke PBX documentation

Brekeke PBX SIP Trunk Configuration

The Brekeke PBX includes the Brekeke SIP Server. The SIP server of the Brekeke PBX includes several dial plan rules. In order to establish the communication between ProSBC and the Brekeke PBX Server using the SIP protocol, you need to declare the necessary dial plan rules with their matching patterns.

1 - Go to SIP SERVER -> Dial Plan and click to New Rule button

Brekeke add new rule.png

2 - Please create two new rules with the following criteria

A. FromProSBC

[Matching Patterns]
$request = ^INVITE
$addr = <ProSBC_IP_Address>
To = sip:(.+)@
[Deploy Patterns]
To = sip:%1@
$auth = false

Brekeke from pro sbc rule.png

B. To ProSBC

[Matching Patterns]
$request = ^INVITE
$registered = false
To = sip:(.+)@
[Deploy Patterns]
$auth = false
To = sip:%1@<ProSBC_IP_Address>
$transport = udp

Brekeke to pro sbc rule.png

3 - PBX settings are used with their default values.

Brekeke sip options.png

4 - You need to create a new ARS pattern for registered users to call out from ProSBC. Go to PBX -> ARS and click to New Route

Brekeke add ars.png

5 - In the Route Template windows click to New button near to Patterns - OUT

Brekeke patterns out.png

6 - Add the following parameters in the Matching patterns To and Deploy Patterns To

Brekeke ars pattern.png