Prepaid & postpaid calling

According to Ezine, Postpaid [calling] is a term that is used to refer to a plan in which phone bills are paid on a monthly basis. All of the services that you have used, with their corresponding prices, are added up by the phone company and sent to you in a bill.

In contrast, prepaid [calling] is a term that is used to refer to a scheme that allows you to use the phone company's services based upon the credits remaining on your prepaid card. You will not be able to use any services of the company, if you do not have enough credit.

TelcoBridges and prepaid & postpaid calling

TelcoBridges' Toolpack software and Tmedia & Tdev devices support the development of prepaid & postpaid calling applications, such as calling cards. Both families of devices support the deployment of applications that require validation with a database before a call is authorized. For large-scale scenarios, the Tdev platform is recommended.

TelcoBridges partners around the world have developed and deployed prepaid & postpaid calling applications.