Monitoring patch panel

The TelcoBridges Monitoring Patch Panels allow monitoring E1/T1/J1, DS3 or STM1/OC3 links.

E1/T1/J1 Monitoring Patch Panel

Picture of monitoring patch panel for the TM1000 network probes
Schematic showing a Tmonitor device plus the Isolation and Monitoring patch panels

The TelcoBridges E1/T1/J1 Monitoring Patch Panel, used in conjunction with the Tmonitor TM1000 network probe or the Tmedia gateway, enables the monitoring of up to 32 E1/T1/J1 signals.

Important note: Two monitoring patch panels are required to support 64 E1/T1/J1 interfaces.

The patch panel connects to the tapped E1/T1/J1 signals to be monitored.

It can be equipped with high-impedance circuits to limit the current drain on the active E1/T1/J1 signal such that it can probe the electrical signal while minimizing disturbances on the actual signal itself.

A copy of the connected link signals in each direction is routed to the TM1000 Network Probe (or the Tmedia gateway used as a probe) which can capture SS7 messages, HDLC-like packets, record PCM voice, or the raw bit stream.


DS3 / STM1 Monitoring Patch Panels

In addition to E1/T1/J1 monitoring patch panel, TelcoBridges also has monitoring patch panels for DS3 and STM1/OC3 links.

The DS3 patch panel must be used with a DS3-equipped Tmedia units.

The STM1/OC3 patch panel can be used with either TM3000 monitoring units, or STM1/OC3 equipped Tmedia units.

Using monitoring in Toolpack

Starting with Toolpack 2.9, monitoring equipment can be integrated in the Toolpack framework, which provides easy-to-use APIs to control monitoring, and also provides protocol analyzer classes.

For more information about integration of monitoring functionalities in Toolpack, please refer to the following documentation: Toolpack_monitoring